Towing Safety – Tips

Sharp Turns

When taking a bend, stay fairly near to the middle of your lane. Check for traffic before making a right turn. Check the mirror to your right. Signal and reduce speed. If the curve is abrupt, proceed until the front wheels of your car are far ahead of the curb before making a right turn.

Check for traffic before turning left. Signal. Move cautiously. Swing wide when making your turn by approaching the intersection from a distance before turning.


When pulling a trailer, your ability to accelerate swiftly is limited. Additionally, you need additional room because your car is longer with a trailer connected, thus you need more room. Make sure you have adequate space and time before passing to finish the pass. After you have passed, give yourself additional space before reentering your lane. Avoid reentering the lane too quickly. Your trailer might swing as a result, which would be challenging to regulate.

Backing up

Have someone outside the vehicle guide you as you slowly reverse. To steer, make a series of tiny turns. Until you are confident in your skills, it is a good idea to practise this technique off the road in a vacant parking lot.

Steer to the left to reverse up to the right. The trailer will move with its front end going left and its back end moving right. Steer to the right to reverse up to the left. The trailer will move with its front end going right and its back end moving left.

Towing vehicles

You should seek assistance from a tow truck made specifically for towing vehicles if your car breaks down. Use emergency flashers or warning signals and make sure the vehicles are properly fastened if you have to tow with another vehicle. To keep the tow cable tight, someone needs to sit inside the disabled car and use the brakes. Vehicles with power braking and steering should not be towed if the engine cannot start. Without the engine, it is impossible to brake and maneuver, and towing could result in an accident.

It is risky and perhaps damaging to both cars to attempt to start a disabled vehicle while towing.

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