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All local towing in Ottawa is done at the highest standard. You won’t have to find a separate company that’s just going to tack on additional fees for a different sized vehicle. Some companies only tow cars; others are only do roadside assistance, and only a handful of companies have the right tools and equipment to help heavy duty vehicles.

​But when you call Randy’s Towing, you’re getting complete, all-in-one towing services. There’s no need for “specialty” towing services; we don’t believe in it. We believe you have a vehicle that needs help, and we’re the right guys for the job every time. We’re not interested in ripping you off or charging more than we have to. We only want to help more people with their towing needs in a Local Towing Service in the Ottawa area.

Equipments Making Local Towing Easy!

We have a variety of trucks, tools, and equipment, allowing us to be your total local towing service. We use winches and lifts, nautical tow lines, flatbed trucks, and more to ensure that we can tow each and every vehicle. There’s a lot to see and do here in Ottawa, and we want to make sure that no matter where your busy life takes you, that we’re here to help when you get stuck.

We also offer comprehensive roadside assistance in Ottawa ON. Before you have to find a completely separate company to call simply because you locked your keys inside your car, you can call us! We’ll come to you faster than any locksmith can, and we can do more for less! Our team is fully trained to not only tow your vehicle, but to help you out when you can’t seem to get it going again.

We know car troubles don’t automatically mean hooking your vehicle up and hauling it away. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand. When other local companies only tow your car or truck, we can assist you any way that you need. That’s why for the most reputable name in local Ottawa towing service, you need us!

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