Long Distance Towing

Most towing companies only focus on local towing services. However, we know that long distance towing is hard to come by. Whether you’re leaving the state or moving in, or needing a car shipped out, we can help you! Go beyond wrecker and winch and hauling services with the best long distance towing in Ottawa.

We Value Your Car

It’s hard to keep a car’s value intact. The second it pulls off the lot, it loses a ton of its original value. When your car needs to travel long distances, it can be even trickier to keep it in tip-top shape.

When you need quality long distance towing, you need Ottawa Towing Supreme. No one else in the area does long distance towing in Ottawa, ON like we do. Your vehicle will get to its destination safe, secure, and on time, every time. If you’re worried about your car making the trip in one piece, let us deliver it for you!

Ship With Confidence

There are lots of reasons to have a car or other vehicle shipped with long distance towing. From in person auctions to online sites, local car sales or even adding to your car collection, there’s no reason to not use us for your long distance needs.

​We can tow your vehicle at least 100 miles away, and can even go several states over. Contact us to discuss your long distance towing needs. We’ll quote you the best price around! When you use us, you never have to pay too much for great quality long distance towing.

The Right Long Distance Towing

Discount long distance towing takes shortcuts with your vehicle. You may think you’re getting quality long distance transport when really, you’re getting a moving truck. Others simply tow your car behind a trailer, putting more miles on your vehicles and wearing down your tires. You need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. When you use us, you’re getting the best quality service possible each time.

Your vehicle is important to us, and we do everything we can to transport it without any additional wear or damage. You’re getting fast, efficient service for less than the discounted guys. We’re a better value, and your car will thank you.

​We only use safe, local drivers with proven track records. They have the experience you can trust, as well as the proper training. No matter where your car is going, or coming from, they can make sure it gets to its new home in the best condition possible. We know you care a lot about your vehicle, and that makes it precious cargo to us as well.

We won’t tow across the country, but if you are in need of towing, even as far west as California, for instance if you need towing, we do have contacts with other towing companies around the country. Give us a holler and we can refer you!

Let Us Go The Distance

Whether you’re bringing your car home to the Ottawa area, or you’re sending it away from the east coast to the west, Randy’s Towing is here for all of your long distance towing needs.

We’ll transport your vehicles safely and securely so you’ll never have to worry about how it’ll arrive. When other companies do the bare minimum to transport your cars, we take the extra steps to ensure a smooth ride each time.

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