Lock Out Service in Ottawa

It can be stressful to have locked in your keys without having a way of retrieving them. Although, you attempted to unlock your door, the situation still remains the same: Under stress and looking for a lock out service near you.

The silver lining is that absolutely everyone has done this at some point or another. Specialized “Ottawa locksmiths” are expensive to call because they charge a fortune for about thirty seconds of labor; However, when you need the affordable lock out services in Ottawa, you need to call us at (613) 400-9919. Randy’s Towing will make sure you’re in good hands!

We Are Here For You

No matter what style of vehicle you have, we can guarantee that you won’t be locked out for long. We have multiple tools at our disposal to make sure you can easily get back inside. Whether you drive a sedan, a truck, an SUV, or something even bigger, we’ll get your door opened faster than with anyone else and give you a professional lock out service in Ottawa.

You’ll never have to worry about being stranded for long because our drivers can quickly find you easier than with any other local lock out or locksmith can. We’ll force your door open quickly and without damaging the paint or body of your car. 

No matter what the situation is, we can handle it easier with more tools and experience at our disposal. Call us and we’ll take our pick of tools, including:

  • Slim Jims
  • Door Wedges
  • Long Reachers
  • Jiggler Door Lock Picks
  • Pump Wedges
  • Tension Tools
  • And more!
No matter what, we’ll get you back inside your car quickly!

How Do They Work?

Slim Jim is the traditional, “old school” way to get inside of your car. The thin metal tool slides in between your window and door to where the locking mechanism is found. From there, it is easily unhitched, popping your door’s lock and getting you inside. 

Door wedges apply pressure and pry your door open. Although it sounds rough, it safely forces the door to open without damaging the car. All we have to do is stick them between the door and car body and the wedges do the rest! Pump wedges are even easier since the bag is inflated until the door literally pops open.

Jigglers can be tricky, but like with a door lock they are used to pick open your car’s lock, getting you inside. It takes a little longer, but sometimes it’s the best method. Tension tools may be used by themselves, but have the most success.

We come prepared for any lock out situation to get you back in the driver’s seat fast; therefore, making your experience less stressful. Lock out service is also considered a roadside assistance service, meaning your insurance may be able to cover our service costs.

Before you decide to walk away in frustration, have us unlock your car. With quick, reliable service, you won’t have to feel embarrassed for long. Rather than laugh, we’ll be there with all the tools and tricks we need to help you out when you need us most.

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